Comment: Reminds me of going to Dead shows

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Reminds me of going to Dead shows

The wonderful thing about going to see the dead was the parking lot, where you could beg, barter, or buy anything you wanted with no regulations, no taxes, no license, no certificate and all at your own risk. I know of no deaths. People were busted for drugs, so we did have a police problem.

There were some vendors who were well known, fatty egg rolls, Veggie Burritos, the KRISHNAs had falafel, a lot of kinds of foods and plenty of grilled cheese sandwiches for a dollar and a smile, or trade.. people sold art, clothing, many hand made clothing, fresh squeezed orange juince, hot coffee, esspresso, chocolate, beer and wine, repairs for clothing, cars, stickers, jewlry,..

and we had rock med and plenty of kind people who would help you if you needed some kind of help.

I feel very fortunate that I was able to experience a free market. I'm sure people got sick, but I never met anyone.. there was tons of competition. If you went to shows regularly you had to have something to sell/trade.

So for me, a free market works because you have tons of competitition and people really do want to please you..

Take the grilled cheese.. you had people who were cooking grilled cheese on camp stoves, melting cheese with welding torches, some would make their own bread, have a selection of cheeses, some had lots of things you can add.. from tuna and avocado to hamburger, salsa, mustard.. even home made mustard.

When you have lots of choices, from regualar vendors to newbees walking around with a basket.. you connect with people and make friends, and the last thing anyone wanted would be for someone to say,, "Man I had that guys grilled cheese and was sick for a week".

We used to debate what we were doing, socialism or free market. To me it was free market.. to others it was socialism.. but the bottom line was to make enough money to get a ticket for the show, eat, drink, get enough gas for the next show.

Which brings me to Ralph Nader.. Ralph Nader had the idea that the EPA should be a free market.. all these government programs could be private businesses and you would choose the one you liked to associate with and be associated. I think that's a great plan.. it's a shame Richard Nixon ripped Nader off and made his ideas government programs. That's not what they were desogned to be and why Nader has sued the government more than anyone I know.