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One more thing...

So partially, this train of thought was inspired by the end of the Presidential debate where Obama referenced the "extreme" part of the Republican Party or some shit.

My question to him would be: are you extreme, President Obama?

To me, he was calling Ron Paul and the Liberty movement a "cult".

So my question to him would be, are you a socialist? And if you are, and if socialism is a cult, and if you are speaking in a derogatory manner to this group, why are you doing this?

If Ron Paul and the Liberty movement *are* a cult, then it's nothing more than competition.

*Note* I say that socialists are actually free-market capitalists when it comes to their cult, that they love competition, but then they corrupt their own hearts and become corporatists:

But to me, they are not.

So why would he do it? Because if he is a socialist, and socialism is a cult, and if Ron Paul and the Liberty movement is a "religion", as I defined it earlier, then with numbers and force, they can destroy a true religion under the cloak of not being outed as a cult, or a false religion.

"Come, Watson, come! The game is afoot."