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My Thoughts On This

Get rid of the FDA and instead let the free market handle it. One thing to always do to people on this is to turn the argument around on them. How many times has the FDA approved things that turned out to either kill people, or greatly harm them?

Because we have an FDA, everyone assumes everything is safe because it's FDA approved. This creates a false sense of security and it also crowds out or silences any free market food and drug monitoring that might evolve in an FDA-free world.

Simple solution - make FDA approval voluntary for those companies who want the seal and the customers who demand it. Then the FDA is funded by donations and businesses who "so desperately" feel we need this.

More than likely the person you're debating this won't wanna donate a dime for the FDA thus proving to you how noble one can be with other people's money. It's so utterly and completely typical.

It's similar to watching a NEOCON talk about turning "Iran into glass" and then you ask them TO GO and DIE OVER THERE FOR IT. Suddenly they have no interest in doing it. In a way it's moral decadence and decay but in an ugly and ignorant way that's hard to stomach.

They (government tyrants) have such ambitious desires when they can steal and force others to do it. But the moment they're directly responsible for it - no longer interested if they have to get their own hands dirty. I can't stand this mentality!

I need to calm down.... (Breathing)