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Liberty friend,

Liberty friend,

well, I sure hope it's clear for everybody that it's not about anything racial here.

It's about mentalities. And the THOROUGH destructions made thereof BY SOCIALISM AND WELFARE SYSTEMS ENDOCTRINATION.

See, I have black blood, direct from my father. And even though I just recalled it's certainly nothing racial, but, even more worrisome, it's a MORAL AND INTELLECTUAL issue ... if anyone still REALLY insists in finding excuses or conversely, attacks, on a racial basis, I'll just repeat what I already wrote :

SHE, that lady, WANTS to be a SLAVE and A MINION, blind enough to praise HER MASTER DECEIVER.

Black people CAN know better. And indeed, she could possibly wake up. If she'd only bother to LISTEN to the truthful men, instead of the criminals. That's what our FREE WILL is for.

Whatever the color of our skin is.

While WE, with HIM :

... well, we just DON'T accept obedience to Evil. And we will NEVER. EVER.

Because we are FREE from giving any allegiance (but to God, for those of us who believes, maybe) and want to stay that way.

Peace, and God Bless.

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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius