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" Because in real life, Americans do not have any time to research about everything they're eating, so they assume everything at the grocery store is safe. So it would take years for people to realize that a given product is extremely toxic and detrimental to the health. Thanks!"

Uhm that is exactly what has already happened with the FDA at the helm. So hell yes we want to get rid of them! They have allowed companies like Monsanto and the biotech industry to poison the entire world with PCB's from the manufacture of Roundup and the like, threatened the food supply with GMO's and super bugs, They are the lap dogs of factory farming, and the industrial pharmaceutical complex and enable them to threaten humanity as they now do.

Society itself needs to change to a better model with more decentralized manufacturing and farming that is local and regional. The only regulation we need is if you cause harm you are responsible for it. We must take responsibility for ourselves. Food should be bought based on reputation of the grower not faith in bought and paid for bureauRats. Delegating that responsibility to regulation has been a disaster and now threatens our entire food supply.

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