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Comment: The Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval

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The Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval

The Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval comes to mind. Years ago it used to mean a lot and it was just a private enterprise, magazine actually, that tested the efficacy of products. If the products carried the Good Housekeeping seal everyone knew they were really good because the product's and Good Housekeeping's reputations were both on the line!

In a true free market, such activities of testing for safety, efficacy, etc.of products and services would be handled far more efficiently and effectively by private companies whose reputation would actually have to mean something if they wanted to stay in business. The FDA has no incentive to do a good job free from graft and corruption and every incentive to just perpetuate its own power without any checks on same. It is never wise to turn such power over to the state and it isn't necessary to!

We would all be safer and better informed if the free market were allowed to work, public opinion actually mattered, and business could not stack the deck, as the drug companies do now, as well as have property rights, including the rights of your own body not to be harmed by others, enforced.

A good current example of how it can work reasonably well is Amazon with all their customer reviews. You can learn so much from really good reviews and it is quite easy to discern when a company has tried to game the system and write reviews for themselves - they almost always make the mistake of jacking up the number of 5 stars far too high that it becomes suspicious. But people self reporting their experiences and sharing them, thanks to the Internet, is a fabulous way to gain valuable information, without, guess what, government interference!

The free market at work will always do a better job of protecting and informing the public then the state can ever do. No system is perfect but we the people can demand information and companies will hire private testing agencies to test their products and we benefit without the excessive cost and backwardness of government bureaucracy.

Sweet Liberty