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Enjoying the Ride!

This example demonstrates the contemplation about this fellow's right to redeem lawful money:

"Hi David,


For the last quarter of 2011, I had been putting "lawful money is demanded for all transactions 12 USC 411" on all my personal checks on the front under my address, and likewise on all my deposit slips for all Expense Report reimbursement checks sent to me. So the bank and all check recipients, including IRS installment payment checks, received NOTICE of my lawful money demand. I also successfully added it to a new checking account agreement, and a broker agreement.

My 2011 US 1040 so far has been honored. Line 21 "Other Income" was notated "Demand for Lawful Money R (__,____)", and the amount was a (reduction). The refund was applied to back taxes. The amount was well over 20,000.

The State return "Other Income" line had no notation, just the same amount of (reduction). So far, my State refund has not been sent to me.

Thanks for making this possible. I would not have made it this year without this reduction.

True Name"

By "contemplation" I am showing you that the IRS has already been viewing and considering his demand for redeemed lawful money in light of the assessment and payment agreement that is already ongoing.

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