Comment: Yes and no.

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Yes and no.

In order to control spammers/abusers IP addresses need to be logged so they can be banned. There is no other way to do this.

In order to rank users and generate the content needed for the site to function, past uploads and feedback also need to be recorded.
Anyone joining TPB for the purpose of sharing a torrent or leaving comments has to be aware of this.

From the screenshot I saw, I would guess that only the last IP address(es) from the connecting users are logged. Further, the screenshot shows a tool for banning users. Nothing about any of what I've seen so far is any reason to be suspicious.
Another thing to consider is this only affects registered users, not typical nonusers only interested in downloading. I would suspect there is a limited httpd log that is rotated more often than a typical website for diagnostic purposes.

This story has been blown up much larger than it should. Scaring people who do not understand the inner workings of a website. It should only be a story about TPB being hacked nothing more as there is nothing of interest to report beyond that.