Comment: Reasons for protest vary -

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Reasons for protest vary -

However, in April 2012, savage cuts to both sectors were announced. The amount was an eye-watering 10 billion euros in attempts to reduce the Spanish government's debt. These additional cuts to education and health are “by far the most controversial of the Spanish’s government’s austerity programmes,” said Tom Burridge, of BBC Madrid.

A month later, as the population was still reeling from the decision, news broke that this money had, in fact, gone to bail out Spanish bank Bankia.

"The demonstration was organized by the "indignants", a popular movement against a political system that they say deprives ordinary Spaniards of a voice in the crisis."

"The economic crisis, blamed on the collapse of a speculation-driven real estate boom, has plunged Spain into recession, throwing millions out of work and many families into poverty. Unemployment is close to 25 percent."

"Tuesday's demonstrators held their hands in the air and jeered: "Hands up, this is a robbery", their regular refrain meaning that the poor are paying for the crisis while bankers get bailed out."

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