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Government regulations and

Government regulations and bureaucracies are pointless and only make the problems they aim to solve worse. #1, as shown by Johnson and Johnson removing harmful chemicals from their products in two years, we don't need bureaucracies to tell businesses how to meet the needs of their customers. #2, with bureaucracies and their regulations, you substantially weaken the possibility of class action lawsuits against big companies, because they can say "we were following government regulations." In a free market economy, businesses would act with much more caution for fear of being sued. #3, bureaucracies make products more expensive. Their regulations require extra lawyers and workers to ensure companies are complying with the government guidelines. This also raises the cost of entry into the market, which blocks out competition. Competitors tend to offer lower prices and/or better quality to drag customers away from existing companies they use.

Not to mention, bureaucracies created never solve problems because if they did their bureaucracy will be eliminated, and their higher ups realize this. This is why it is in their best interest to prolong the problem they are charged to solve. Hence, I don't pay any attention to NOAA when they get on their soap box about global warming, for example.

Bureaucracies take money away from producers to create regulations which make it harder for the producers to produce their goods and services which have to be made for the bureaucracies to have profits to steal in order to have money to operate. But that is the definition of freedom in the American Empire.