Comment: As a Norwegian cirtizen I want to say......

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As a Norwegian cirtizen I want to say......

For the first time in my life I am 100% in agreement with a group of politicians! (The members of the "Storting" - the parliament of Norway) This ALMOST makes me proud to be a Norwegian! (I left the country years ago for a bunch of reasons NOT making me proud to be a Norwegian!)

For instance, when the Nobel Peace Price committee gave the price to Barack Obama, I was ashamed of being a Norwegian! If this can lead to the price going to Ron Paul, it is a 100% turn around and will make me proud to be a Norwegian, which is not too often these days unfortunately.

The obvious and very good PR as well as support this will give to Ron Paul, as well as indirect support to all of us who has supported him throughout the last few years, is extremely valuable! Whatever we can do to help make this nomination lead to him getting the price, should be done, - and it should be done NOW!

A big HUGE thanks to all of you who will throw in your support behind this nomination, and a big THANKS to the parliament of the "Storting" in Norway who was brave enough to nominate Ron Paul for the Nobel Peace Price in 2012!!