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Fair enough

You listen to Polycarp, Augustine, Aquina, Benedict(who wasn't a saint by Scriptural definition) and neither was Francis. I listen to Scripture. As far as the pope goes, he teaches against Scripture so if you worship according to his doctrine then you ARE worshiping him. You are only worshiping GOD if you worship HIM the way HE tells you. But like I said no one is forcing anyone. We all make our choices.

Again I ask you to tell me the Scriptural definition of hell? And again I venture to say that you can't because hell is a mistranslation of three or four different words. I do not believe in hell as it is taught by the pope or many of the protestant offshoots. I never said you or anyone else will go to hell. So let me make Scripture clear for you.

The true saints "Those who have the testimony of Yahshua and keep the Commandments of Yahweh" will be in the first resurrection. Over those the second death has no power. Those who reject Messiah OR the COMMANDMENTS have to wait for the second resurrection and the judgement and possibly the second death which is the Lake of Fire. The Lake of Fire is the second death and not eternal life of torment.

I suggest you stop listening to other peoples "interpretations" of Scripture and study for yourself. Oh, wait, I forgot that the catholic church doesn't like for their subjects to study for themselves. I guess if they did then they would object to the statues of mary and "jesus" in direct violation of the second Commandment. Or how about call no man father except our Father in heaven. Doesn't the inscription on the popes hat say something like "in place of Christ"? How do you justify that? I could go on and on.

But like I said we all make our choices and we are all suppose to work our OUR OWN SALVATION with FEAR AND TREMBLING.