Comment: The FDA's a joke.

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The FDA's a joke.

I think food companies should have to be honest in the labeling of what's in their product (fraud, if they don't) but outside of that you should be allowed to consume whatever you want.

"companies would go bankrupt and lose millions of customers if they intentionally put poison in their drinks"

They would also go to jail, it would still be illegal to poison people.

"Because in real life, Americans do not have any time to research about everything they're eating, so they assume everything at the grocery store is safe."

1. I'll go back to the argument that it would still be illegal to poison people.
2. I think Americans actually have plenty of time to research what's in their food, using common sense and turning off American Idol would be a good start.

"So it would take years for people to realize that a given product is extremely toxic and detrimental to the health."

Kinda like the chemicals in processed foods? Sodas? Flouride in our water? Oh wait, that's all been FDA approved so it must be "safe".

Just because something is detrimental to your health (like Twinkies, for example) doesn't mean it should be illegal but I would hope people have the good sense to know eating too many Twinkies is detrimental to your health. It didn't take me anytime at all to research that, I figured it out all on my own.