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Christmas was originally

Christmas was originally Christ mass not Christ's birthday, as celebrated by the catholic church.

Before that or concurrent with it, it was the feast of adam and eve. The tree I believe was suppose to represent the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and Eucharistic wafers were hung from it (circa 1200 I believe).

Before that, it probably dates to the saint boniface of germany, who chopped down a famous pagan tree - in which case it is a celebration of destroying paganism, around 750bc, which is about the same time as the start of the holy roman empire. You could contrawise arguing it is a celebration of the Holy Roman Empire - which if it is, then by all means get rid of it.

Note, I am neither arguing for or against Christmas trees. Just presenting facts, as some of these facts tend to be odder then anything you get in discussion. I have in the past taken the positio of being against Christmas trees.

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