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Here is where I part ways with pure Austrian / Libertarianism

I am not convinced that a complete absence of any kind of public oversight of business is either realistic, or practical to expect short of a complete collapse / rebuilding of the current political order.

I think it is no more practical to expect that all roads will be provided by the free market either, for example.

You will find it very difficult to convince many people in the current political / intellectual climate that will be convinced by your arguments.


I think believing this kind of thing would work is just as unrealistic and utopian as the hardcore communists believing all will be rosy under complete state control of all resources.

The pure market solution is just taking the utopian argument and turning it to the other extreme. Neither way is realistic.

No - the Constitution as originally ratified calls for a de-centralized approach to governance.

And therein lies the most practical, do-able, goal: Something that could and in my opinion should happen in our lifetimes.

Bringing the nation back to the Constitution and a de-centralized model for all government functions not authorized under Article 1 Section 8 should be the goal.

NOT dismantling the government almost entirely.

It aint gonna happen. And its a bad idea