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When you go to a lot planted specifically for Christmas trees or you you pick one from the surrounding forest on your own land, how is that unsustainable?
Do you think the trees at the store are somehow randomly cut? NO, they were grown specifically for that purpose. Someone saw a market and now capitalizes on it.

I dunno, but the land my father owns has Increased its forestation to the point I can no longer traverse it without weaving through craploads trees. Unsustainable is hardly the word I would choose. In fact it is quite arguable a little tree cutting in far greater numbers than 1 tree a year would do it some good. We have some very old wood that will be rotting standing up soon if it isn't already. Some thinning would remove that dead or dieing wood and make room for some fresh and younger trees.

As to decadence, people have been cutting Christmas trees for centuries. So if for some chance there is moral decline, it is not the result of tree cutting and it has been declining for centuries as well. Opting to not put up a tree won't fix it...