Comment: I get bombarded with these polls

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I get bombarded with these polls

because I live in a swing state and have a landline for my business. They are totally ridiculous. For example. they always start with,

"who are you voting for (1) obama (2) romney (3) undecided?" No option to choose gary johnson or someone else. So I chose undecided. But I'm not really undecided. I'm voting Gary Johnson. So their poll is already inaccurate before it even started.

The other questions are like "do you think obama's failed policies have made the middle class weaker? (1) strongly agree (2) somewhat agree (3) somewhat disagree (4) strongly disagree."

I can't remember the actual wording, but the questions are framed in a way to assume everybody agrees Obama is already a failure to begin with, etc. In fact, you could argue by the way the questions are worded that the polls are intended more to sway opinion than to calculate opinion. They are a total joke.