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I find it disgusting that you are putting a future election above the countries fate. I want Ron Paul to be our candidate more than ever... but we aren't fools! If Obama is re-elected there will never be another free election in this country. We know he wants to systematically change this country into something more of his liking... Marxism? His first term was a test bucket, but he was limited... Just wait until he is no longer limited after he is re-elected.

Romney is the status quo, but at least he "IS THE STATUS QUO"!!! Obama wants to destroy everything this country stands for. You and everyone who would rather destroy this country then put in a guy that may actually bring some sanity to bear - is actually part of the problem. Face it... if the primaries were absolutely fair and Ron Paul still lost, you'd still be crying foul, stompin' your feet, and wetting your panties... all the way to doing anything you can to re-elect the dictator-in-chief, Barack Obama.