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Comment: Military = $1,361. Buying the vote = Priceless. For everything..

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Military = $1,361. Buying the vote = Priceless. For everything..

For everything else, there is the Fed. Pull their line-of-credit. End the Fed.

Military Statistics > Expenditures > Dollar figure (per capita) by country per year.
Rank Country Total
Latest available data. Military / GDP
Rank Countries Amount Date
# 1 Israel: $1,361.80 per capita 2003
# 2 Kuwait: $1,050.81 per capita 2004
# 3 Norway: $883.59 per capita 2003
# 4 Bahrain: $878.57 per capita 2004
# 5 Saudi Arabia: $833.75 per capita 2002
... (Rank of list of countries)

DEFINITION: Current military expenditures in US dollars; the figure is calculated by multiplying the estimated defense spending in percentage terms by the gross domestic product (GDP) calculated on an exchange rate basis not purchasing power parity (PPP) terms. Dollar figures for military expenditures should be treated with caution because of different price patterns and accounting methods among nations, as well as wide variations in the strength of their currencies Per capita figures expressed per 1 population

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