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I don't think you know what you're talking about.

I know people that smoke meth everyday that live productive lives. They have 9-5 type jobs and you'd never know they smoke meth unless you knew them outside of work.

There are many drugs that can ruin peoples lives... so what? I guarantee more peoples lives are ruined by legal drugs and police than from meth or any so-called illegal drug.

But actually I don't really care about people ruining their own lives. If someone hurts themselves by taking drugs it doesn't affect my life liberty or property one bit. Unlike you I believe people own themselves and their bodies to do with whatever they like. If they make mistakes, too bad, they got to live with it.

Of course you advocate abuse of police power! You want police to harm individuals that harmed no one.

In my 40 years on this planet I have never wanted or needed the police around. Police are pretty much useless taxfeeder criminals. They've done nothing but waste my time and money. Over 80% of arrests in this country are for individuals that have harmed no one.

I'd much rather meet a meth cook on the street than a cop. At least I would know that if the meth cook tries to harm me I can defend myself. But if a cop tries to harm me and I defend myself it's death or incarceration in my future. Unlike cops the meth cook would actually be held accountable for infringing upon an innocent individuals life liberty or property.