Comment: Ever heard of gov. Alf Landon

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Ever heard of gov. Alf Landon

neither has anyone else. Gov. Landon was the Republican that ran against FDR in the 1936 election. Even though the polls back then predicted the race to be very close and the economy just as bad, FDR won in the most lopsided election in American history. Alf Landon only one two delegate states. The score was something like 48 FDR to 2 Landon.

It was a wipeout,some scientists use polls to predict an election and I've even heard two college professors saying that Romney will win in a landslide. Even taking states like Ohio and New Mexico in Minnesota.

But I'm going to use history to predict this election. I figure I have just as good of a chance by throwing my sh#t on the wall to see if it anybody else using scientific polls.

Right now we are seeing the 1936 election all over again with Obama winning Roosevelts second term, rather then Hoover{Bush } winning there forth.

Don't believe these hyped polls Romney has already lost this election. He might come close but he has never managed to get more than 191 state electors and never will.

Obama will win Iowa, Ohio,Virginia and Colorado. And maybe even Florida. And once again the Republican Party will be thrown into turmoil for the next 16 years.

Also if you read about the 1936 presidential election you will find something hauntingly familiar as to why A Landon lost the election.

The Republican party failed to receive any support from black voters{sound familier}. This was given as the main reason to the Republican loss of 1936 look it up and bank it Obama has already won this election.