Comment: First off, the paper

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First off, the paper

First off, the paper published by the French was a disaster and a terrible piece of science that should not have been published. This group went in with the intent of demonstrating GMO food causes tumors and set up their experiment to make it happen. This paper is borderline fraud and the way the paper was presented to the media was fraud.

Media fraud:

Other researchers response to the paper:

This paper did not prove anything. It is not good science and should not be taken seriously. The reason this has never been proven scientifically is that the GMO food used in the study does not cause tumors. Sorry for the rant, but as a member of the scientific community I feel obligated to put a stop to the spreading of this misinformation and fraud.

Secondly, we should all be for food freedom. No forced labeling, no USDA, no FDA, no government interference in agriculture period.