Comment: If it is not right, could you please tell us why.

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If it is not right, could you please tell us why.

Nobody is attacking. I would find it far easier to put faith in the sun than an ancient text. I am not trying to be mean. I have just never had god talk to me, haven't read anything profoundly ethical in the bible, and have been treated with disdain by Christians. As far as the evidence goes, Christian symbology and ceremony are irrefutably the same as a life-death-rebirth god. I find that appealing. Why is that so reprehensible? If it wasn't for the crazy miracles and undying support for them I would probably be a Christian. I could reduce the 10 commandments down to two though. And as the Buddhist monk said to his disciple, "I do not know what will happen after death because I am not a dead monk", I would get rid of the after death promises. But hey, if it is a good book and helps people why not focus on that?

It is really sad when an f-bombing Christian gets 6 upvotes. Jesus said, "Turn the other cheek". It is one of the only great things I read that he said. If the thread is wrong than tell us why.