Comment: Are those my only choices?

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Are those my only choices?

Can I choose neither?

"Why would you not want one of the only political actors in the modern era that is actually worthy of the "prize" people THINK it is, to actually receive it?"

I'd rather him win nothing that gets awarded by the likes who'd give the same award to Obama. It just reinforces a culture of control through prestige.

"Are you more concerned with impressing anonymous people on the internet what a savvy and knowledgeable 'insider' libertarian you are"

I'm not at all concerned about in impressing you, but judging by your desire for prizes, I'll bet you're into impressing others, and you'll even go as far as comparing me to small animal here to be herded into a truck to do it.

If we're a warren of wild cats, what does that make you; our lion tamer?