Comment: I don't believe the new polling numbers (entirely)

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I don't believe the new polling numbers (entirely)

I think the poll in Ohio a couple of weeks back that put Mitt at 37% with Gary Johnson included, scared the crap out of the establishment. They had to do something to prop up Romney in a hurry. I read somewhere that historically, the biggest swings in polling numbers after a debate was 3-4%. Here we have a 12% swing. Face it, there was no "knock out" blow in the debate. The whole left-right paradigm was starting to unravel and the "one party" system circled the wagons. There was another article I read here on Daily Paul a while back, where some insider claimed that polling numbers can legitimately be changed through the influence of the media. I think the number he claimed was around 20% or so. What were all the media doing after the debate? Even the big liberals were blasting Obama. I think we are witnessing some political engineering by the media if you ask me.