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"Mike Adams said so which makes it true"

Have you ever read anything about proposition 37 that wasn't from Mike Adams?

Have you ever actually thought about the consequences of this bill? Are you so simple-minded that you think the bill is just going to work magically against Monsanto and not affect everything in the entire food network? Do you really believe Mike Adam's propaganda?

But go ahead and keep insulting me with name calling. I don't expect much from any of Mike Adam's robotic minions. You are just proving me right.

*Oh yeah and using government to force your will on society is fascism. You NaturalNewsers are trying to sensationalize the dangers of GMOs and make the issue extremely emotional so that government involvement is justified, but this is progressive propaganda 101.

Progressives are doing with nutrution what they do for every issue.

"But government has to ban [blank] for the children!"
"But the government has to force [blank] for the polar bears!"