Comment: Freedom is popular

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Freedom is popular

There is no presidential candidate for me this election now that Ron Paul is out. Some say he will be a write in candidate in CA, However, the Sec of State replied to my email asking her about this and IF Ron Paul is a write in, we will not KNOW until 26 October.

My Romney vote keeps me seated on my county central committee, where we are working to fill ALL seats. While they will not have to vote Romney, my seat enables them to join us, and since I am not alone, they will most likely be seated. This is only one reason why that seat is so important. With Ron Paul Republicans seated, for the next two years we will be materializing Ron Paul's message, and then we will be up for election, in my case re-election, AS RON PAUL REPUBLICANS. I find this exciting, challenging and worth the Romney vote, after all, what will those who voted Indy, third party, Obama or not voting, going to do to materialize Ron Paul's message of Restoring the Republic to constitutional government for the next two years? I have never received an answer.

All the down votes tell me is that others do not appreciate what I have done to achieve liberty for all of us, while they do nothing but wait for the next Ron Paul? I don't know, or understand what they are doing that will help me/us be liberated from tyrany.

Thank you for the kind words.