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causing problems for who?
The GJ liars???
lol Thats laughable

Ive never been banned or thrown off any site, but LL has.
Oh yes! It has been banned SEVERAL times but always worms its way back in.
Lets talk about that? Shall we.
Les talk about the never ending lies and misleads it posts from day to day, shall we?

Lets talk about the drunken binges and the name calling where it attacks unsuspecting innocents, and then was made MOD for a short time and went around here banning everyone it disagreed with, shall we?
you reported me? They are "watching him?"

for calling you little twits out, fonzie? really???lol

A Legalize "mimi me"!!! you cant fight me with your own words or truth? "Please ban this guy, hes mean to me and the other Jontards!"lolol.

Get a life. The MODs have more to do then run around being your whip for things you dont like said, and truths you dont want revealed.

You and LL belong in the gitmo cell together!
Then you can watch each other with eyeswideopen!!!!lol
Little authoritarian FREAKS you all are.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016