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I'm probably not as knowledgeable as the many experts here

But from my understanding organic foods run the risk of being contaminated by gmo crops and therefore might not actually be 100% organic. Basically, the problem is that GMO crops spew pollen into the air, as all crops do. This pollen cross-breeds with organic feed, which pollutes and corrupts the organic farms. Farmers attempting to save the seed to grow next year after this has happened run the risk of being sued for using seed that has patented gmo traces in it. It goes without saying what a mess and problem this issue is.

As to your second question I too would like to know if there are any ways to tell, test or confirm whether food is GMO or not, without government mandated labeling. Is this possible to do one's self? I suppose the best way would be to talk to the store manager yourself, ask about their suppliers, research and call them, visit their farms, ask their farmers, etc. or if available consult with a company that does all of that for you and lists and identifies what stores and products carry GMO and what ones dont.

I'm envious of your garden and veggies :) I hope to grow some myself one day. Perhaps I'll look into ways of growing them indoors. Anyone have any tips?