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Prices will not go up overnight, if we lose world reserve currency status the dollar will reflect it's actual value. Our currency is only worth the debt for oil it purchases, without our stranglehold on oil the dollar's actual worth is, wait for it......nothing. The federal reserve and our corrupt government have devalued our currency to the point where the only way it is tangible right now is because of oil. The good Dr. warned the corporate gov. he warned us all that this was going to happen. The funniest part of the whole thing is one of the mainstreamers biggest problem with Dr. Paul is they said he is an isolationist, well as soon as China's Yuan takes over as WRC the only way this country is going to survive is by becoming self sufficient and not importing goods that we can't pay for. So in reality now that we've been painted into this little box, it becomes apparent that even if unintentional they are the ones who have isolated us.

Mike G.