Comment: I never claimed GMOs are "good" for you

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I never claimed GMOs are "good" for you

Just not anymore more dangerous relative to other agriculture techniques. The most dangerous aspect of RoundUp is the surfactant that covers the herbicide glyphosphate. This makes sense as the toxicity of detergants is well established. It is why we use them for cleaning. Monsanto admits this and it isn't controversial. They also sell the herbicide without the surfactant. The herbicide is relatively non toxic to mammals (unless you inject lsrge amountsright into the liver, which researchers tend to do to test the limits.) DDT and agent orange would not have been so harmful had the government not dumped massive quantities on people. The chemicals themselves became demonized instead of the irresponsible authorities.

The biggest misunderstanding I see regarding GMOs has to do with the genetic engineering itself. Much of the fear is superstitious and a reaction against the 'unnatural.' There is nothing inherently wrong with GMO technology or unhealthy. The crops are the same as the wildtype exvept for genetic resistence to glyphosphate. The nutrition and biochemistry is otherwise the same. In fact it is kind of ridiculous to fear GMOs. If anything, it should be fear of herbicides and oesticides. But even then it is a small risk unless exposure is massive (like military planes dumping tons of it on your village.) This of course is much diffetent than using small amiunts on crops.

**Personally I avoid grains in general, GMO or not. I think there is much truth in the benefits of the paleo diet. Too much sugar and calories in general are harmful. But I don't go crazy with it.