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Cops HATE veterans

espescially combat/infantry guys because combat veterans don't have shit to prove to anybody where these cops always have to wonder if they have what it takes - sure - picking on your average citizen is good hoopla for the bar - but when the whiskey wears off and all they have is the truth - MANY realize if the other side was playing by the same rules like they do in war - they wouldn't be quite so tough anymore. Kinda like playing tackle vs flag football.

They also realize that in a police state the veteran is usually the most independent and the most skilled - dangerous combination when you are trying to oppress.

Of course it also bothers them when they get to the range and get their asses handed to them and they realize if push came to shove that badge wont stop a bullet and they are woefully outmatched with the gun - doesn't give them a warm fuzzy feeling - lol.