Comment: Texas holdem vs the ancient Chinese game of Go?

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Texas holdem vs the ancient Chinese game of Go?

What I find interesting is that so few people have ever heard of the petrodollar nor the bretton woods agreement, Ron Paul has referred to BW as a currency default, and it was. The US reneged on the agreement to exchange dollars for gold. One major factor that is skimmed over in this report is why would OPEC ever agree to accepting the US fiat currency? The answer is a protection agreement, we agreed to militarily protect the Saudi Arabia regime (OPEC), in exchange they protected the US dollar. They were made an offer they couldn't refuse! Agreements go both ways, and it appears that the US, that was given the moral responsibility to maintain a stable dollar, has once again reneged. By printing dollars into the trillions, can anyone not see the concern that China and OPEC have for their own financial security?

Ben Bernanke is playing a very high stakes game of Texas holdem, instead of chips on the table its dollars and missiles.

China is playing the ancient game of Go, where the board is the worlds resources.

The scary thing is, with Texas Holdem you can go "all in"