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Comment: Libertarians

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are under the impression that the private sector would step in and handle this with government out of the way...and probably do a better job.

Example....supplements are not regulated by the what pops up? Which tests different supplements and posts on which one's contain what they should....if they are laced with heavy metals etc. Consumer labs business depends on the fact that its providing the people with truthful information....they know as soon as they screw up there goes their reputation and the company is destroyed. The federal government doesn't operate under these types of regulations. ...they operate under a forced monopoly of the inspection industry.

It's like GMO labeling...everyone is so concerned to get products labeled for GMOs....well what if everyone wasn't depending on the government to do this? We'd rely on a private company that puts its reputation on the line that if a product is stamped with their "GMO free" better be GMO free otherwise they're going out of Situation would probably have already been taken care of by now.