Comment: This would've been better if

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This would've been better if

A) The tired "Radical Islam" slur wasn't thrown around. These are people who are fighting back against our Middle Eastern chess game.

B) Bemoaning our "crumbling roads and bridges" once again. Obviously, if you're a voluntarian or minarchist, you'll take issue with this statement, but even if you're not, we have some of the best civil infrastructure in the world. I almost jumped out of my seat at my Caucus when a state rep here in MN bragged about the "beautiful bridge" they built. WE DON'T NEED BEAUTIFUL BRIDGES. WE NEED FUNCTIONAL BRIDGES!

C) The insinuation that Foreign Aid is only bad when it's to countries that hate us. It's bad, period.

I know that Rand isn't responsible for this advertisement, but it's not doing a very good job at explaining the libertarian message.