Comment: End the FDA!

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End the FDA!

The FDA is about suppressing competition for established industries, not about safety in food or drugs. From my line of work, I know more about the "D" part of the FDA than I do the "F" part, but I'm sure it works the same way. Big pharma loves the FDA because the only way that you can get a new drug to market in the US is to perform a randomized clinical trial to show "safety" and "efficacy", which costs an arm and a leg. Thus, there are only a handful of companies in the world that can afford to make new drugs, and they have been in the business for years. The only way to do a pharmaceutical startup these days is to take out a crap ton of debt, and hope that your product looks profitable enough where one of the big companies will buy you at a price that lets you pay off the debt and still have something left over. The effect of this is that fewer new drugs come to market than otherwise would, especially niche drugs that are very important for people with rare conditions, but unlikely to ever be sold outside of that small group of people.

Anybody afraid of living in a world where pharmaceutical companies are free to poison people should realize that that is the very situation that exists today, under the FDA's watch. Google the phrase "too big to nail" and see what comes up. The FDA's enforcement is patchy at best, and the fines that they levy are mere speeding tickets to these multi-billion dollar behemoths. Meanwhile, the fines are adding to the government's coffers while doing nothing to make the defrauded consumer whole. Every time big pharma comes out with a somewhat inferior product, they win, because the fines are often less than their net revenue from the product; the state wins, because they extract money from the fines; and the consumer gets nothing.

In summary, the whole system is just bat-$hit insane.