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"How can I be sure,...?"

OK, Michael, I watched “Money as Debt”. Now, I am not an economist neither Austrian nor Keynesian. So, I had to listen in a kind of “as if” mind set. I listened “as if” the clip maker knew truth and presented truth. As I listened, some things made sense other things didn’t make sense. I wished, in short, that I had Dr. Paul’s knowledge or that he were sitting with me.

Then came the author’s conclusions:

The first was a question. Is there a conspiracy? The question was not answered but there was a resounding “Yes” uttered in my head.

The second was a solution: It is the task of government to balance the money supply.

I heard the founding fathers shouting, “No, no, a thousand times no.”

Anything, anyone that suggests the fear tactic of conspiracy immediately gets 0 points for forsaking reason.

Anything, anyone that suggests government capability immediately gets 0 points for forsaking reason.

May I suggest this video:
Its title is “Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve” produced by the Mises Institute which has Dr. Paul’s respect.