Comment: "Pick your battles" and this was a loser all around

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"Pick your battles" and this was a loser all around

The impetus MUST come from the candidate. The candidate merely must sign a form stating he intends to run a write-in campaign. It is a not an onerous task, and there is NO point trying to mount a write in campaign without the support of the CANDIDATE.
I was hoping you would be seeking answers to more pertinent questions, like why so many of us did not "hit the ground running" this time. For me, the answer is "because there is no liberty without truth and justice, and this candidate has no stomach for speaking truth or seeking justice."
Ron Paul could have embraced the "truthers" without "joining" us - he merely could have pointed out that our first amendment rights are worth fighting for, even if he does not agree with what we say. Instead, he chooses to distance himself from "truthers" and so my support was lukewarm this time, and many of the people who busted their butts last time would not lift a finger this time.
I will not be writing in "Ron Paul." If he had bothered to fill out the paper, I would, but he needed to step up if he wanted "write in" to be an option for us. I will not vote for Romney, either. I probably will not vote at all, although I did promise the GOP that they could give me Ron Paul or I would give them Obama, so I may vote for Obama. (Note to any Romney trolls reading this, yes, I am serious as a heart attack.)

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