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remember that the free market can regulate its self. Consumers are free to organize into groups, ask food suppliers to allow checking of their products etc. Consumers can voluntarily donate, suppliers can put stamps of approval and consumers can buy food with said stamps at a slightly higher premium than an unstamped comptitor.

The great thing about the above is that if one organization becomes corrupted, people lose faith in it, then another competing agency can arise. Maybe that agency is only around long enough for the first agency to fix its problems, or maybe everyone migrates to the new organization.

The thing is that the free market WILL regulate itself. Where there are issues, People will rise up in voluntary organizations, they will test products, independant research will be done, and the free market will analyze the research.

With the FDA all government is force. EVERYONE is FORCED to believe their research. When the FDA becomes corrupt, it still has the force of government. There is NO contradicting it. There is NO creating another organization. There is NO free market in its decisisions.

Now all of that being said, I have completely ignored the constituitonality issues with an FDA. It should be an "Iowa food and drug adminstration" or a Texas FDA. At least if the states run the programs there is still something to compare any given states research with other states. There is NO specific enumeration in Article I section 8 that gives the federal government authority to deal with food or drugs. So per the 10th amendment that responsibility is left to the states or to the people.

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