Comment: List of current FDA recalls

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List of current FDA recalls

Statists think we need government regulations to keep food and drugs safe. Food and drugs are heavily regulated by the FDA, right? So that means our food and drugs are 100% safe and effective now, right?

Erm, not so much. Here are the 10 pages of current recalls of foods alone, from the FDA's own list:

The desire for regulations is a reflection of "magical thinking." Magical thinkers believe that if you outlaw something, it magically ceases to exist.

Unsafe food and drugs will never cease to exist as long as fallible humans are involved in their creation, manufacture, distribution, or consumption. Food and drugs will never be 100% safe, ever. About a quarter of a million people die in the U.S. annually because of appropriately prescribed, regulated medications.

How many more are killed because they don't have access to effective, safe medications, therapies and treatments that aren't FDA approved? Millions.

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