Comment: Not true Christianity.

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Not true Christianity.

But since it has been usurped by so many pagan doctrines then there is a bit of truth to what you say. The false Christianity of today worships all kinds of false gods including the sun but most Christians don't even realize it or refuse to acknowledge it. SUN-day is the day of worshiping the sun and is not Scriptural but Sunday (the first day) is the day they choose and many "Christians" get up early for SUNrise worship on Ishtar. So we see two pagan worships right there. The SUN and Ishtar/Easter two different paganisms. Add in Christmas/Saturnalia and the doctrines of Tammuz among others and the images of Jupiter and you see why false Christianity lead by the Catholic church can easily be called a Harlot.

And it makes it easy to see how the antichrist comes to power.

So to answer your question, YES. False Christianity does worship the sun and Ishtar, Tammuz, Jupiter, Zeus, Saturnalia and many others. There is very little if any true worship left in "Christianity". The world in general has "forsaken the commandments of GOD for the traditions of men" just as Scripture says.

Thankfully we are free and required to work out our own salvation.