Comment: You can use correct numbers and still spin.

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You can use correct numbers and still spin.

Show me where those numbers you offered up play out in actual cost on GJ's budget while he was in office.

There you go again.. Gary spent this but RON PAUL did it too! In all of my arguments you will rarely see me bring up Ron Paul because it has nothing to do with him.

Yes on his own merits, I WOULD fault Gary but you have proven my point. The majority of his debt wasn't from healthcare and an aging population.. it was infrastructure.

Now why don't you finish off your "investigation" and actually find out where that money went directly. Might you find a bridge to nowhere? Who knows..but that is the point of taking a serious look at the NDIVIDUAL instead of throwing out numbers as an excuse and leaving it at that.

Oh and the states can opt out as some are threatening to do. You don't have to make excuses for them either meaning Gary on that too.

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