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Toilet wine

I thought that was good video with some great points. Thanks Hairydodge!

I do, though, agree with some of the sentiment posted here.

For example, if a libertarian (or anyone) is trapped in a prison, might they resort to homosexual prostitution or making toilet wine in order to avoid violence against them, if even they didn't condone either activity? Of course, they have to behave in context of the system.

This is libertarians' dilemma with RON PAUL, too. Everything Paul suggests is mostly a governmental legal action and a gross compromise with government. Why are libertarians shipping their monies to this politician en masse?

Why does an cap Walter Block and Lew Rockwell and Robert Murphy etc., fawn over this politician who is so philosophically impure and fake as to suggest legislation?

And despite this fakery, why do we suddenly nitpick Gary Johnson's libertarian credentials after being so smitten with a Congressman who collects pork and a salary like the rest? Who only suggest a trillion or so be cut from the federal budget?

I think it is because Ron Paul is f'ing MAGIC. And we deal with him as a politician in the context of politics existing.

Gary Johnson, who is sadly not magical, gets the full ire and nitpicking for not being philosophically pure enough of a libertarian. All of sudden - poof! - the context of 2012-style political reality is gone. Rothbard chokes on a donut from the grave.

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