Comment: Liberty in Anarchism, Europe and America.

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Liberty in Anarchism, Europe and America.

what i know of a lot of anarchists in europe,partly from my own experience, is that many of them are leaning heavily to socialism and the sad part about it is they don't even know it. How does that even fit with libertarian values in anarchism?

I guess a lot of anarchists in America seem to have been brainwashed into the trendy notion that anarchism and socialism fit without contradiction (not even speaking about the economy...).

People in Europe don't really know much about libertarian ideas in general, as it seems to me. There is a growing conscience at least, but no general philosophical understanding, we just dont have that much of a tradition about that in Europe. The US at least has a historical and most important, a juidicial fundament to these issues, so u can at least argue historically and juidicially (besides economically, philosophically or politically). Europe is in many regards a very much socialised society, no less important than economically, intellectually.