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Ron Paul says "Unless we understand…we must protect life, we cannot protect liberty."

Gary Johnson agrees with abortion upto viability...a crying baby in a bucket is not viable.
Gary Johnson says "If I thought Ron Paul was gonna get the nomination, I would not be standing here before you today as the Libertarian Party candidate for President."

I am sorry, but I did actually think that Ron Paul would get the nomination and that is why I put my money and effort towards his campaign. On May 5 GJ received the Libertarian Nomination that date was long before that day in Tampa.
Also found this here where on an Ixquick search: the Libertarian Party asked GJ not to sign something: Ballot Access News - May 4, 1995

"The Arizona veto was on April 19, and the Georgia veto was on April 21. Governor Gary Johnson signed HB 1079 on April 6, even though both the Green and Libertarian Parties asked him not to. The bill was introduced April 18 and passed the House Constitution & Elections Committee two days later."

However, if you try to pull up this site you might get a viagra add like I do.
And I am also concerned here about persons in the GOP co-Opting the Libertarian Party because the PTB understand that Friends of Liberty are a significant threat.
with attached video

Does anyone know whether this could be true?
Then there is this libertarian blogger who thinks GJ is not libertarian enough:
I really want to know why ao many are so excited over Gary Johnson when Ron Paul said we should keep the fruits of our labors and Gary Johnson wants a 23% Fair Tax.