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Comment: " I ain't perfect, but I KNOW the signs."

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" I ain't perfect, but I KNOW the signs."

Translation: I want to believe I'm right so I don't appear foolish, and it has the side benefit of fueling my paranoia."

1. "Obomba" is Establishment GOP, same as "Obummer," "Obozo," "Obammey," etc, etc.

Or maybe I use the name because of all the drone attacks? Ever think of that? Talk about jumping to conclusions.

2. Smug defensiveness is another dead giveaway.
I didn't realize that asking for proof to back up your claim was "smug defensiveness" Also, that's pretty rich, considering some of the posts you've been making lately.

Rand-apologetics is another giveaway. The ol "I'm upset that he (insert offense)... but at least he's (insert pathetic consolation prize)." Establishment people use this formula constantly. It's the "better evil" strategy... just stated a little differently.

First, it'd probably help your case if you quoted things I actually said rather than what you want to interpret it as.

Second, no, I really don't care about Rand one way or the other. I'm just not going to take love/hate sides on a person or pretend that I know for a fact what he's doing. Unlike some here, I don't consider speculation to be fact.

This whole "you don't agree with me, therefore you're a shill!" crap is really getting old, by the way. It's childish, illogical, and hypocritical. ('free' thinkers, riiiight....)

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