Comment: An exit poll result of 51.3%....

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An exit poll result of 51.3%....

is statistically insignificant. Especially since no information is given on what percent of voting stations were staffed with exit pollers, or for that matter, ANY data given describing methodology or saturation.

An exit poll result of 51.3% for Capriles where a handful of pro-Chavez precincts were left out or unmanned by exit pollers could very well mean that Chavez won handily.

Also, Google seems to know nothing at all about the Spanish consulting firm Variance/Varianza. Why would a private Spanish firm do exit polling in Venezuela? Who sponsored their efforts? Why aren't the sponsors of Varianza speaking out? Why weren't the sponsors even mentioned in the article?

Several non-commercial and NGO (non-governmental organizations) do election monitoring in Venezuela and Venezuelan elections are one of the most monitored in the world. The Organization of American States, the European Union and the United Nations all do extensive election monitoring in Venezuela. One of Jimmy Carter's biggest pet projects is monitoring Venezuelan elections. Why have none of them chimed in? Why just some obscure private consulting firm from Spain?

Various US groups have been caught several times in the past sponsoring trickery and intimidation to interfere with Venezuelan elections results.

I call propaganda on this one. :)

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