Comment: Hey DPers, just wanted to update you on his progress....

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Hey DPers, just wanted to update you on his progress....

Jim stayed with some friends this weekend and he did pretty well, but he is still in a lot of pain, has double vision, and is feeling dizzy. He ate a good dinner with us, but he went to bend over to reach into a bag and he fell back about 4 feet and landed, fortunately on his rear, and did not do anymore damage. He was quite frightened by the event because he was falling to his left side and that is where he has all the broken areas on his body and he could not reach out to catch himself.

Holding a conversation is getting easier daily, but he still gets tired quickly from too much conversation. He had a long talk with his cousin today and went in to take a nap soon after. We have appointments set up with the nurse and physical therapist for the a.m.

I know that we are truly witnessing a miracle with his recovery. The nurse came the other day and she said that she has seen people with these type of brain injuries and in 6 months cannot follow directions the way that he is.

I hope you will all continue to pray and donate anything that you can to support his recovery. The visits are very expensive, we are still trying for the VA, but at this point it has not happened yet.

Thank you.