Comment: This is a simple mineral deficiency disease.

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This is a simple mineral deficiency disease.

When Vanadium is deficient then blood sugar levels crash. The student reacts. They switch to survival mode, they want to eat something!

This is NOT a behavior or discipline problem!!!

If I approach your hand with a red heat poker you move, hastily.

The person with falling blood sugar reacts. It cannot be stopped by willpower!

The USDA Food Pyramid or Plate insures that and hour after lunch the students blood sugars will fall. Those that are short on vanadium cannot recover.

The body sees the falling blood sugar as an emergency and huge amounts of adrenaline are released in response. The adrenaline the body needs to seek out more food quickly.

Here is one solution that involves curing the problem instead to using a stupefying Potion.

Clinical diseases associated with Vanadium deficiency:
Slow growth
Elevated cholesterol
Elevated triglycerides
Hypoglycemia (lo blood sugar)
Cardiovascular disease

Clinical diseases associated with Chromium deficiency:
Low Blood sugar
Learning disabilities

There are 60 essential minerals but our farm soil are fertilized with three.

Besides the 60 minerals we need 14 vitamins, 13 amino acids an three essential fatty acids.

I doubt that the school lunch provides adequate amounts of any of these essential nutrients.

If your child has similar problems then Grab Dr. Wallach's Healthy Start pack and add a bottle of Sweet-eze.

Provide it for 3 months and re-valuate around Christmas.

The body is miraculous, all it needs is 90 essential things to work up to it's genetic potential.

Free includes debt-free!