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Compared to Romney, both of

Compared to Romney, both of the above are bloody angels.

It's one thing to nt vote for GJ because one has a "better" candidate (Goode, write in Paul, whatever). But to use their "baaaaad" stamp as an excuse to vote for Mitt???? Or even to abstain (which in pratice means casting a proportional, 50+-/50+- vote for Mittens and Obama.)

GJ is hardly RP. BUT, he won't win, so he'll never be able to formulate Gitmo policy anyway. But if he is the "obvious" cuase for Romney's loss, the next clown with GOP top billing ambitions, will have to take that into consideration.

And the same goes on the left. If someone like Nader is running, please for the sake of all that is good; if you are an "anti-war" person, vote for an anti-war candidate; not someone whose antiwar credentials begins and ends with being content to kill 3 less innocent kids than Romney.